Innovations Towards Boundary Wall...

TRENDSETTER in cement articles, TCA has an well-established presence across all major cities and towns in Gujarat and its adjoining states.The company responds to the needs driven by its customers, business associates,regional authorities & local communities.
TCA is also the first to introduce the PRECAST-PRESTRESS technology for BOUNDARY WALL with maximum capacity, latest machinery
& infrastructure which aids in acheiving our full capacity without compromising with quality.
It is widely use in Government Authorities, Solar Power Projects, Industrial Projects & many more.
Our core values of time, money & space saving have accompanied and contributed to our success story for over many years.
TCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of AKASH GROUP OF INDUSTRIES(AGI).
AGI, headquarted in Gujarat, India, operates a diversified group of businesses, including cement articles, fertilizers,
automobile accessories, information technologies and other products & services.